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The obsidian obscenity here to disrupt your memories Jet Noir can be found performing all around the world (but most frequently near his home in Oakland, CA)!

People often ask him, "how did all this get started?" 
While working as a nude model in San Diego, Jet Noir was introduced to Dr. Sketchy's and the world of Burlesque in 2008. Through Dr. Sketchy's, Jet became friends with the likes of Mynx d'Meanor and Lady Borgia. It wasn't until March 2010 that Jet found himself on stage in his underwear, painted gold working as a living prop for Mynx during her tribute to the academy awards. Jet has been embraced by the burlesque community ever since. Jet Noir continues to challenge himself with every act. His goal is to create something memorable every time he steps on the stage. These pictures are just a few glimpses into what he's brought to the stage since 2010.
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